Quality Assurance Laboratory

Safety Critical Products for Global Automotive OEMS Tested & Certified

SL No. Test Testing Standard
    JIS Standard ISO Standard BIS Standard ASTM Standard
1 Tensile Test JIS Z 2241 ISO 6892 IS 1608 E8/E8M
2 WH/BH Test JIS 3135      
3 Strain Hardening Exponent Test JIS Z 2253 ISO 10275 IS 15756  
4 Plastic Strain Ratio Value JIS Z 2254 ISO 10113 IS 11999  
5 Strain Aging Index Test     IS 513  
6 Bend Test JIS Z 2248   IS 1599  
7 Hardness Test JIS Z 2245   IS 1586  
8 Roughness Test JIS B0601     EN1 0049
9 Ericsen Cup Test JIS Z 2247 ISO 8490 IS 10175 Part 1  
10 Ferrite Grain Size Test JIS G 0551     E112

Amada Turret Punch

Samples are punched in predefined layout to test specimen preparation. Data Matrix and Character Punch for sample identification and traceability.

CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machine for Tensile test specimen preparation.

Five set of CNC programs available for milling i.e JIS5 , JIS13A , JIS13B , ISO & ASTM standard.

Shearing Machine

Shearing machine for sample preparation as per customer special requirement.

Digital Back gauge facility of accuracy +/- 0.10 mm.

Shimadzu Semi-Automatic Tensile Testing Machine

Erichsen Cup Tester

Erichsen cupping test for determination of deep-drawing capability of sheet.

Hydraulic driven and high accuracy precision upto 0.01 mm.

Punch Press for HER

The hole expansion ratio is a key indicator to evaluate stretch flanging performance of steel sheets, which is usually obtained by hole expanding test using cylindrical or conical punch. Machine maximum capacity 30 Ton and thickness range 0.80 mm to 2.30 mm.

Rockwell Hardness Tester Testing

  • Vision Measuring Machine
  • Surface Roughness Tester